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Monday, March 19, 2007

What Attracts You?

A post on Addie's "Fresh Hot Wastes of Time" about her 100 000'th visitor (Congrats again Addie!) lead me to check out my stats counter (to see my paltry total of 4829 Unique visitors since May 2005). While I was there I thought I'd take a look at my referrals to see where you all came from, and what you want to see more of.

First we'll start with where you're all from. Out of the last 100 unique visitors, 31 of you are from the U.S, 11 of you are from the UK, 10 of you are from N.Z, and the rest of you form a large cross section of this world's population. I've had visitors from Dubai, Mexico, Germany, Korea, Australia, Portugal, Romania, Uruguay, Brazil, Greece - all over the place.

In each country there are a vast amount of ISPs in use, but the stand out by far is comcast in the U.S, followed by Telecom in New Zealand.

32% of my readers use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, follwed by 30% on MSIE 6.0. Firefox 2.0 is used by 23% of my unique visitors, with Firefox 1.5 used by 9%. Firefox 1.0.7 and Safari 1.2 is run by 2 % each, followed by Safari 1.0 and Mozilla 5.0 (upgrade you silly!) used by 1% of my visitors. Not surprisingly, Windows XP is the winner of the OS Wars on my blog, followed by Windows 2000, followed by MAC OSX, followed by two people on Vista. Funnily enough the Microsoft user engaged a Google Image search for photos of CRX Del Sols, instead of whatever MS equivalent there is (Windows Live Search?).

Finally for what we've all been waiting for. It seems what attracts most people to this blog is.....

Drum roll please!


It appears the most popular page on this blog is this little gem right here, in which I show a photo of a naked female breast (picture sourced from Wikipedia). Beware - Not Safe For Work! This post came about by foolishly asking a various males what my next blogging topic should be. Obvious answer for men - Boobies. I should have known!

Some of you might know about the feline tragedy that befell our household last week - our little kitten Tyson was hit by a car (perhaps, we're still not sure), and lost the use of his left legs and tail. After a couple of days in the vet, he regained the use of both legs, but still holds some damage to his Radial Nerve in the front paw. This has resulted in him not being able to use his front left paw as automatically as he could. When he thinks about it, he can walk perfectly, but if he gets distracted then he doesn't place his paw correctly, and either the leg gives way under him or he ends up taking a step on the joint above his paw. This is only intermittent, which gives us hope that he will regain full use of his legs in due course. His tail probably has to come off, but a tail amputation is nothing compared to the original possibility of double leg + tail amputation, as it was suggested that removing two legs would give cause to consider euthanasia.

So, Tyson's alive, and should retain all 4 limbs, and that is definitely something to be thankful for.

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