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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Post rated R18

Upon trying desperately to decide on a blogging topic for this week, the overwhelming consensus from friends and colleagues has lead me to turn my little piece of online life towards something(s) quite literally close to my heart.


Also known as "tits", these gems of wonder can create quite a kerfuffle when presented under the right clothing, and infact, when presented without clothing at all. Men in particular seem to have quite some interest in breasts, although this blogger can not tell you why (she would have to know first).

There is speculation that there is some psychological connection between a mother's nursing and the male's sexual fascination with breasts, but I'd prefer not to delve much deeper into that line of thought, as it's kind of gross.

Anyway, Here are the top SFW results when googling "breasts"
1) Chewing Gum can Enhance Breasts
2) Uneven Breasts linked to Breast cancer
3) Boobs and Bras
4) Designer creates wall of breasts
5) Protect your Chest and Breasts

All interesting stuff.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what YOU think of breasts!