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Friday, July 01, 2005

Redesign complete (I think)

Ok so I'm done with my redesign that I started an age ago (read: the very first entry) - I was up until nearly midnight last night trying to get my blog to be happy in both Firefox AND Internet Explorer *shakes fist at CSS*. At last, however, I think I'm done.

(Thanks to Matt, Chris, James and Ben for helping with my CSS issues).

The banner is pretty much a representation of me- the books, the love heart (because Matt hasn't approved any photos of him for my internet usage yet), the LV purse (to represent the finer things in life), the black shoe, the coffee stains and the car - all things I love. You'll see I've renamed the blog too, also to better suit my personality.

I'm constantly updating the links to other blogs I like, so don't forget to check them. The latest links on my sidebar include links to live motorway webcams in Auckland - so for all you people that think NZ is all about sheep and farming, check these out and see the traffic we have to sit in every day. For maximum impact, take a look between 4pm and 7pm NZST.

If you want to see more blogs by kiwis at home and abroad, head down to the footer of the page where you'll see a link to the kiwi blogs webring. Be sure to click on that! Also be sure to check out the graphic wonder of
Number Six by my good friend Chris down in Wellington. The site is mostly pictorial, holding his own photography, original 3d art, and also images that he's found around the net.

Other than that, I've gotten rid of the blue column backgrounds to give the site a cleaner look. It now works in IE and Firefox, and is best viewed at a res of 1280 x 1024 or higher (any smaller and you'll need to scroll across).

That's all the changes so far (that I can remember)- next time I try to edit ANY CSS myself, someone slap me?!