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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


OK, after having spent most of the last month discussing opinions on various subjects, political, religious, and trivial alike- I've decided that it's time to get rid of the 'omg Bridget Jones is so cool' posts and redesign - and make an honest attempt at blogging.

I'm going to turn comments off on most of my posts because, to be honest, only MY opinion counts ( :P ) so if you've got something to say, up on the right is a link to my profile. Click on that, then click on that link that says 'Email' and send me an email with your thoughts.

Also I'm going to try and link this to my Bebo account which has a BUNCH of photos of mine and of my friends', and rather than mess around with Picasa and Hello (which, incidentally, suck ass for Google software), I would prefer just to leave my pics there.

For those of you using Bebo or Live Journal (ie, my friends), I can see you asking 'why not just stick with one?' - and there's a very simple answer: Blogger lets you customise pretty much the entire blog (except for the background and stuff), and it's pretty :)

So on to my redesign - once I'm done, you'll see how it looks, so there won't be any point in asking 'Hey Caro, how does it look?'.