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Friday, December 04, 2009

From the ashes...

:) Yeah I'm back - kinda - couldn't keep away, yada yada. Only this time I'm back with an all new focus, one that pretty much everyone enjoys:


I've kind of discovered the joy of cooking - at least cooking food that's yummy, so I figured I'd return to blogging to document it and share some of my lessons learned (if I actually learn any).

I'll start by blogging about some mini desserts I'm making for a friend's engagement party tomorrow night. I impulsively bought a pack of 100 plastic chinese spoons (you know, those long deep spoons that you drink soup with at yum cha), and I plan on filling those with Chocolate Mousse and my twist on mini tiramisu. On top of that, I absolutely fell in love with a recipe, by Giada Delaurentis, for blueberry and mascarpone mini turnovers, so I"ll be attempting those, or at least a version of those.

Ciao for now!