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Monday, December 08, 2008

Stop Childhood Racism

I've just finished reading a sad story about an 11 year old asian girl who was being taunted on the bus about her ethnicity. You can read about it here also: (thanks to Mike for the tip). This story in particular strikes a chord with me because it's very similar to a personal experience of mine when I was a child that I thought I would share.

When I was 7 or 8, I was riding my bike around the neighbourhood. A boy from a younger class at my school rode up along side me and started a long string of taunts. He called me a white n*gger. He told me to "go home". He told me I was poisoning the neighbourhood. He started sing-songing his words, following me the entire way as I cycled as fast as I could to get home, where I would be safe from his taunts.

Being not older than 6 or 7 himself, he can't have thought up all that hate by himself, and must have been repeating it from somewhere. As I had never heard those words at school, or anywhere else, it was believed that the racism might have come from his parents.

His mother was a teacher at my school, and not long after the incident, gave birth to a child afflicted with Down Syndrome. If indeed it was Mr and/or Mrs X that planted the seed of racism, I'll bet they were quick to yank it to prevent any possible nastiness towards her youngest son.

I still remember the name of this boy.

I wonder if he remembers that day at all.

I do. I always will.