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Friday, May 16, 2008

Inventive Advertising

Adidas has brought out a new shoe called the Cope. It's pretty frickidy cool, and I would buy it if I were a sneakerphile, but my interests lie in the high heel arena of footwear, and if I were to buy a sneaker, it would be from these cool cats at Qubic (ups to Unkie Frank!). But enough of my shameless plugs. The inventive people who do the creative work for Adidas' Cope campaign came up with this excellent idea:

I love it! Let's stir up some fake controversy, and get the people talking! And, well, it worked. This is my regular bus stop for weekday evenings, and when I took this picture, there were a number of other people around me taking the same picture - and none of whom you would consider in the usual demographic for the product. They created a buzz alright! And the campaign extends further. In Australia the campaign appears to have kicked off with a tv ad, advertising the "zero-tag" organization, out in the world trying to stamp out graffiti. Their website discusses "Banned items" that are used to perform "Banned Activities". Such items include the usual spray paints, posca paint markers, but also...
  • Artbooks and publications
  • Blood
  • Beetroot (cans)
  • bumper stickers
  • Chlorophyll (my personal favourite!)
  • Chocolate
  • Footlocker / Adidas Cope Apparel
  • Olive Oil
  • Squid Ink
And the list does indeed go on. I highly recommend visiting the site for a laugh.