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Thursday, December 20, 2007

To Summarise...

  • Koru Club Domestic Lounge in Auckland does better food than Koru Club International,and has pineapple lumps
  • It still hasn't quite hit me that Christmas is in a few days. What a scrooge.
  • We have a fence going up... it'll probably be tagged before we come back from ChCh and are able to see it.
  • My dress is getting yet MORE alterations. Fussy fussy!
  • I'm getting married in 29 days!!
  • Meh, I'm just too lame to summarise. Must be time for more wine!
If I remember rightly, the last time I took a domestic flight, the koru club lounge had bubbles (albeit lindauer). I can't see any this time. Probably just aswell. Oh well, it's time to say good bye to lovely humid and warm Auckland... :(