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Monday, November 19, 2007

Un co-ordination

Now, I always thought I was a bit of ok when it came to dancing. Did a bit of dancing in school, accompanied by some amateur choreography for stage challenge and the like, not too shabby at all. All was fine as far as coordination and dance ability was concerned - right up until yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday Matt and I journeyed to his cousin's place to take a foray into the world of Ceroc dancing in an effort to prepare ourselves for our first dance at the wedding reception. That is where I discovered my new found uncoordination!

I can't describe exactly where it all went wrong, and the excuse I used yesterday was "I think my stiletto heel is getting caught in the carpet...", but I think it mostly had something to do with the twirling, and my lack of balance.

Anyway... I am definitely hoping for a markable improvement in the weeks to come. 8 weeks of lessons and practice left...