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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Join the Craze!

Bullet points! They work for me, seeing as I have absolutely no motivation to write any witty, lengthy monologues, nor do I have the time. So bullet points (this one's for you Martha) !

  • My Dress is estimated to arrive on December 20
  • I leave Auckland for Christchurch on December 20
  • Dress store re opens on January 3
  • The wedding is on January 18
Does anyone see any potential issues here...?

  • DJ is booked and paid for
  • Reception Decorators are booked and paid for
  • Men are trying on suits on Saturday
  • Weddings are hella expensive!
  • I need a haircut badly
aww who am I kidding. I suck at this bullet point thing. And there's nothing I can even put at the end of this post to make it worth while reading! Oooh except..

Justin Timberlake in 2.5 weeks!! Yay :D