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Saturday, November 24, 2007

I <3 JT

And the thing is, I'm not usually a groupie at all! Last night, as I grooved to the pulsing beats of today's Prince of Pop, mere metres - not even that at some times - my inner groupie just sort of clicked... And I turned into a screaming fan.
First of all, I have to say, I truly feel sorry for anyone that forked out $344 for a SexyBack Bar Stool seat. Sure, they were great seats, but you weren't allowed to get off them during the show (only in breaks), so you couldn't dance, and selected people with GA tickets (US!!!!) were given wristbands to watch the show - and dance of course - in the same area as the barstools. That is, right infront of / next to the stage, separated off by a barrier from the rest of the floor! Wahh! What a night!

The show was fantastic, and it was really good to see that we didn't get a ripped off, dulled down version of the US tour. From what I've seen in the videos of his Madison Square Garden show, the dancers were the same, and just as much energy was put into this show as in NYC.
Sorry my pics are crap, I didn't bring my real camera for fear of confiscation, but the big security guards (the ones that looked like they were JT's personal bodyguards) told us at the last minute that we could take pictures, but no recording video. So I whipped out Matt's phone and tried my best.
JT really worked the crowd well, telling us how much he loved what he's seen of New Zealand so far (and from a hot air balloon, he had the best view of the house!). His talk of having recently visited Australia was met with a whole stadium of boos. He played it well: "I know... I know. I know! But see, I'm from Switzerland..."
Vector Arena broke out a collective shrug as the reference to neutrality was lost on almost everyone:
"...figuratively... you know, I'm not actually from Switzerland"
Yeah.. I know what you mean Justin... none of these other girls do. See, we understand each other... you could have an intelligent conversation with me... I think they call it pillow talk....
Oh. Sorry about that. My imagination almost got away with me there...
Ok, Assassins Creed and Mass effect are out now. Time to go pick them up and spend the day playing on the box! Ooh who else is looking forward to Rockband??!?!