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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'Do Gooders' Lose

The Dominion Post, this morning, revealed a startling truth in todays edition of the daily newspaper. This startling truth came in the form of information from an affidavit sworn by a NZ Police Detective in the Manukau District Court. This affidavit specifies evidence gathered from bugged phones, bugged camps, manual surveillance and hidden cameras, and shows the reasons behind the dawn raids of Tame Iti and his group of 'terrorists'.

If you haven't yet read it, read it now, before someone gets a court injunction to take the article off the net and recall all editions of the paper. Of the article, the Dominion Post's editorial says:
We believe we are acting within the law. We also believe we are acting in the public interest. We know that publishing the material could have huge repercussions, and we considered the issues at stake carefully before deciding to go ahead.
The article, headlined "Get Someone to Assassinate the PM", tells of phone conversations held regarding assassination of National Party Leader John Key, and George W Bush.

Bet you didn't expect that last one.

To quote the article:
'On August 16 this year, police intercepted a conversation between two suspects in a car. They discussed Mr Bush and speculation that he could visit New Zealand - and talked of using a sniper's rifle.

The police affidavit says: "I believe this relates to a hypothetical conversation about how they could kill the president of the United States of America, George Bush, and a conversation about the effectiveness of firearms."

In another bugged conversation, in a car on August 17, a suspect talks of killing Mr Key after the next election: "Get someone to assassinate the prime minister, the new one, next year's one. Just been in office five days, bang ... Yeah, John Key ... just drop a bomb ... Just wait till he visits somewhere and just blow them ... They won't even find you." '
And towards the end of the article:

'In other bugged conversations, police say they heard talk of making nail bombs, targeting Parliament and screening recruits. Conversations refer to IRA and al Qaeda training manuals and police say one suspect said he would show another how to make napalm. '
With all this evidence in broad day light, and made available to the public, I wonder if we'll still see "activism is not terrorism" banners adorning Queen Street and other parts of the city? Or will the do gooders wake up and see what's really been going on under their noses the whole time?

P.S the term Do Gooders is one I picked up from my Father, I didn't make it up! Honest!

P.P.S You'll notice I turned comments off. I figure this post might ruffle a few feathers, or at least bring some opinions out. Well, this is my blog, so this is my opinion, and I can turn comments off whenever I want to :) If you've got a differing opinion, feel free to blog about it on your own blog :) If you feel strongly that I should hear your opinion, though, please feel free to email me -