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Thursday, October 11, 2007


OH What fun! Making lists at stores of stuff that I want other people to buy me! It's a beautiful concept! Thankyou oh inventor of gift registries!

Smith and Caughey's have the cool scanner thing which added a bit of technology to the process.
me: "I want that!"
assistant: *scans*... *beep* "Next?"
me: "those..."
assistant: *scans*...*beep* "Next?"
"OOOH Vera Wang Wedgewood dinnerware...."
(like anyone coming to our wedding would actually buy it for us...)
assistant: *scans*...*beep* "Next?"

And so it went.

Millys was much easier. All online, didn't have to go into the store once (which is GREAT because I hate trying to park on a Saturday afternoon in Ponsonby...)

And the best thing is a thing called My Registry. You can list pretty much anything you like from any store, online or off, include prices, pictures, etc, but ofcourse you don't get the free wrapping and delivery. What it is is basically a wish list, but the guests select what they're going to buy, and then the website sends us details of who's buying what - making the thankyou process that much easier!

And the guests don't have to buy the products from the listed stores. If they see the same product somewhere else, they can buy it there, and just tick it off on the registry! It's brilliant!
So all our Mitre10 and Palmers Garden Centre vouchers are up there, and a universal remote that's on The Deal, and other random things that I happen upon in my online browsing :)

Aaah gift registries. Love 'em :D

p.s - I'm well aware that this is my first entry since that game on Sunday Morning. I won't be saying anything about it, except to say that I still believe the ABs played great rugby. On paper they should have won that game, when you consider territory, possession, tackles made / missed, lineouts made / missed, etc, but they didn't. They're still ranked #1 in the world, and they're still #1 to me.

If nothing else, it'll just be a bit easier (hopefully) to get tickets for 2011. come 2010 I might have to buy a season pass for Eden Park just to get first look at RWC tickets. Let's wait and see shall we?

p.p.s - I noticed that S&C got rid of that brilliant corner on the first floor where they sold miss sixty and Dolce and Armani for women. Highly Highly annoyed. Does anyone know if they've ditched Dolce & Gabbana completely? Or have they assimilated all the cool clothes in amongst all the other racks?