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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stuff and Whatnot

Following on from the previous post, I bought a dress. A beautiful white wedding dress (gown, whatever). It's not too poofy and it's not too boring. I'd love to describe it in more detail, but it's not the kind of information for prying eyes! Just take my word for it that it's gorgeous :) I got it from Astra, which happened to be my first stop on the day of shopping madness. I should have known that I would find the dress I wanted at the first store, but no matter now. Mum got her day of dress shopping and I got my day of humiliation and fatigue :)

Let me run down the top three dresses of the day, for anyone who cares.

Obviously I bought my #1 favourite, so I can't tell you about that. My second favourite of the day hails from a friendly young designer in Epsom, Theresa Lim. In particular I took a shining to the Baroness Dress (pictured left), which was a strapless white dress, with the slightest mermaid cut (it just skims over the hips, so not quite the 80's mermaid I had pictured thank God!), and a beautiful band of vintage styled jewelling at the top of the waistline. The problem with designer made dresses is that samples are usually the size of the model that took it down the runway, which makes it not conducive to trying on, so I couldn't be sure that the look would work on me. Hence why it is number 2, not number 1 :(

Number 3 (pictured to the right) is from Astra Bridal also, from a well known bridal gown company "Bonny". You can't see it, but it had gorgeous silver and crystal detailing along the top edge, and the bones in the bodice gave me a shape that I hadn't seen since I was 17!

As you can see, it was a tough decision, but a decision well made, I'm sure.

After a full on day trying on dresses (I skipped a store at the end of the day, I just couldn't be arsed!), I severely needed to de-stress. Saturday started off back at Astra paying for the dress and arranging fitting times and what not, then on to the reception venue, Mc Hugh's for lunch, and yet MORE wedding discussion.
Invitation lists were confirmed, addresses obtained, and proper spelling checked. It was noticed that the cutlery and crockery were pretty average, so decisions were made around hireage, and the budget for the wedding was extended yet again.

I feel slightly guilty sometimes when I think about the amount of money we're spending on the wedding. We could lay a deposit down on a few more houses for this amount... Or buy a new car... But I digress...

The next day after visiting our lovely friends Barry and Wendy, Wendy gave me her 12 goldfish (11 goldfish and 1 plecostomus catfish) to take home to the pond, as they had just gone tropical with their setup, and couldn't house the coldwater fish anymore. Now there's loads of activity in the pond, and my original fish are even out to play. Pictures to follow.

Sorry for boring you all stupid with talk of wedding.

Wait, I take that back. It's my blog, I'll write what I like :P

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