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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have THE hairiest eyebrows right now.

Due to a browshaping appointment at Forme (Ponsonby), I haven't plucked my eyebrows for 4 whole weeks.

It's torture!

Everytime I look in the mirror, this weird eyebrowed freak looks back screaming "TWEEZE ME! TWEEZE ME!"

I only hope Forme are better at eyebrow shaping than Spa de Serville who caused the un even-ness in the first place!

So the count down to beautiful eyebrows begins. 10 days to go and counting!!

Oh and more good news... We're going Dress Shopping on Friday. I bet you can feel the excitement pouring out of me.

Astra Bridal on Symonds Street at 10am
Theresa Lim in Epsom at 11.30am
Brides of May in the Atrium on Elliot at 2pm
Renee Bridal on Victoria Street at 3.30pm
Felicitys Bridal Studio at 5.30pm

yay. spending a whole day taking my clothes off and putting a bunch of dresses on then taking them off and putting my clothes back on, only to take them off again and put more dresses on.

I am ecstatic.

For the men who had to put up with reading that hideously girlish post, here's a funny from :

Oh yeah, I probably should have warned you about the package shot.