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Friday, July 20, 2007

Home again

This blog's turning into a bit of a travel blog really, apart from the last post- but to be honest (and this might sound really quite fancy-pants, so excuse me..) traveling seems to be about what has been occupying my time the most.

If I'm not actually enroute anywhere, I'm considering it, and if I"m not considering it, I'm calling the travel agent, and if I'm not doing any of those, then I'm re-booking it, and blasting the travel agent for screwing it up in the first place!

Of course, my travels have probably ended for now, a mere 40 points off a status upgrade on my airpoints, and will pick up again with a trip to see parents in Christchurch for Christmas (huzzah) and hopefully (fingers crossed) a new Asian destination next February (location TBC).

For now, let's discuss the past week I spent in Queensland.

Prior to leaving, I had dreamy notions of tropical temperatures, maybe dipping down to as low as 15 degrees, but steadily sitting at 25+ for the daylight hours. People always talk about the Gold Coast being in perpetual summer, and I packed as such, with mini skirts and tank tops, sleeveless and strapless numbers, and only a light jacket / blazer to keep the edge off the evenings.

Imagine my surprise when I ventured out to Queen Street Mall, in my aforementioned skirt, tank top, and ballet flats, and froze. I bought my very first Supre item then and there, a pair of tights to try and warm my legs against the 10 degree shade. Matt had been in Sydney for the previous three days, and it had been raining cats and dogs the whole time (which apparently caught the Sydney-siders off guard, and turned all drivers into idiot lunatics)- but he too had packed inappropriately for the season. We were both on the hunt for warmer clothes. Matt didn't find any warm clothes though, but Tarocash at the Myer Centre found Matt something he didn't bargain for - his very first gay come-on! I'm sad I missed it, I was upstairs looking at some store or another. I'm informed it was hilarious though!!

Our original reason for coming to Brisbane was to attend a wedding, and as such most of our time was centered around alcohol (much much alcohol...), and catching up with friends. Lots of fun was had, and much drama was witnessed, but all in all we had fun.

I think this post is long enough now, I'll leave the Goldcoast part of our trip for another blogging day.

Ooh quick update on the wedding venues, I'm hoping that someone from Mantels in Mt Eden will call me back today so we can go see the venue and discuss catering options and available dates in the weekend. I really like the reviews from other brides who have held their weddings there, and the venue itself looks really nice from what I can tell on the internet plus, it's a BYO Venue, with no corkage charged!

Fingers crossed I may possibly have a date set by Monday! Of course, I'm not holding my breath, I am - if nothing else - a realist.

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