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Monday, May 21, 2007

Ohhhh My Glutes...

Today we spent the afternoon climbing the Great Wall of China. What a work out for my bum(which definitely needed it)! Anyway, feel really good about it, and being up there, and being able to see into Mongolia (just), and seeing how far the wall goes (as far as the eye can see... and much much further) makes one feel quite small. Am adding pics as soon as I've finished writing this.We caught a sleeper train from Shanghai to Beijing last night, and arrived this morning at about 7.15am, with just enough time to check into our hotel, grab a quick shower, dress, and leave for Tian'anmen square and Forbidden City. After a mammoth walk from the Square, through the front gate of the Forbidden city, and out the other end (the Concubines' gate), we fell into the car and slept our way to a Jade Factory and Lunch. Blah blah blah, moving on from there to Badaling, and our entry to the Great Wall of China. About 2 minutes before arriving at the wall, both Matt and I suddenly came down with caffeine withdrawal headaches, which increased intensity with every uphill step we took. After a quick coffee, we pressed on, and surprised ourselves with how much distance we covered in an hour. I"ll let the pictures speak for themselves. After a quick bite to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe next door to the hotel, and suddenly it's Sunday night! We leave tomorrow night on a train back to Shanghai, then leave Shanghai on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm, back to reality at 6am Wednesday morning.I'd just gotten used to Shanghai (Beijing seems very different in comparison) and now we have to leave! Isn't that always the way?

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