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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stage 2

Stage 2 is complete!!

Plant List:
2x Water Irises - $14.99 each from Kings Plant Barn
2x Black Taro leaves (adapted for water use) - $14.99 each from Kings Plant Barn
1x Water Lily - $34.99 from Kings Plant Barn
1x palm - $29.99 from Kings Plant Barn
1x palmy thing that was already in our garden - FREEBIE
1x small groundcover fern from Kings Plant Barn - $10.00 from Kings Plant Barn
Still to come is the rock border, the water feature, some more planting around the edge of the pond, some lighting, and finally... Fish!

The final product won't be for some time yet, as the lighting will require some wiring, and we won't put the feature in until we've done the fence, but next weekend we should have the rocks and border and planting all finished, and perhaps some fish. We might even clean up the mess that we've since created on the grass, and start digging a trench for power.