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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Home Improvements (or D.I.Y Disaster)

A year ago (approximately) we had begun the feverish hunt for a house.

Actually a year ago we came very close to buying a house in Mount Wellington, with a vast section and weird looking fruit trees.

Luckily we also ran off to Singapore and KL for a brief trip, giving us time to step back and look at the house through the eyes of people who weren't in a rush to get into the property market.

End result: No purchase!

A month later we began proceedings on a property in Blockhouse Bay, with a moderately sized section, and newly renovated interior - and settled in the beginning of April.

Back to present day, and you'll see not much has changed. The trees that were planted by previous owners to act as a hedge have grown, the wisteria and various roses that said owners tried to kill, infact survived- and are thriving under my watchful eye (except for one poor rose which isn't doing too well after this year of near hurricanes), and we've put up a few photos, a shelf, and a ginormous mirror. And cupboards in the garage.
And now - We Build a Pond!

Well, we haven't actually begun construction of said pond yet, but I intend to very very soon. You can see here the intended site for the aforementioned pond - it is the little area in the middle of the grass with concrete edging around it. Not too soon after this photo was taken, the flowers died, and turned to weeds, I weeded, replanted new flowers and tulips, it pissed down with rain, the tulips drowned, and new weeds sprouted. We've pulled down the ivy fence, plans are in place to build a new one, and the front yard is in for a major overhaul.
I will add this particular project to the list of many which I intend to document and blog. Hopefully it will not also become part of the list, of many events which I write about once and forget forever more...

I'll also start posting a series of comparisons - let's see exactly what changes have been made to the house, and whether or not they were good ones :)

Oh yeah p.s: Pre ordered Harry last week - YAAY! Now the trick is to avoid any and all tales of advance copies, and the resulting spoilers...