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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

We got Fish!

We haven't named any yet, I am rather hoping that there will be some spawnage and eventually we'll have too many to name, but for now we have 5 fish, of the red and bronze comet variety. Along with some oxygen weed, they were the new additions to the pond last night. As always, I photographed the event!

The Cats don't actually seem to be terribly fussed. This picture may incriminate Tyson, but in fact he's actually trying to figure out how to take a drink of the water from such a great height without falling in. He does this quite often.
Cinnamon just doesn't care about the pond at all, and thinks its only use is keeping Tyson out of her hair.
The white thing is a water neutralizer that slowly dissolves over time. A bit like an Anti Chlorine block, if you will. Helpful for such times as when random animals pee in the water!!!
Oh yeah, the Waitaha schist is new - it's just placed temporarily. We chucked it on the concrete edging after I'd already taken photos on Sunday, and hopefully combined with mossy / fern planting and ground covering plants, we should be able to hide the fact that there was ever a concrete edge there, and make the pond look as natural as possible.