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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What happens in Vegas...

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, it goes on the internet!

Or at least email.

So when you're drinking in a bar at a hotel / casino in Vegas, and Cameras are pulled out, don't be surprised if the next day you find your fiance has plastered photos of you looking VERY drunk all over the internet.... (p.s, that's an Appletini, just like JD drinks on Scrubs - was awful too, and gave me the most hideous hangover)

There are some pretty cool photos, such as one with me, our friend Michelle, and a pornstar called "Barbie" hehe - they'll all be posted up in the near future!
Vegas was great, January was an awesome time to go to Vegas, cos I found the best sales ever! I didn't bring any kind of coat or jacket with me, thinking that Vegas was going to be, at its coldest, 10 degrees. Little did I know we had happened upon the coldest winter on record, including snowfall on the strip which is very rare! Suddenly I had a shopping goal - it was hard to stick with my goal though, especially when I shopped past two (not one, but TWO) separate Coach Factory stores, which both had further reductions! Luckily I was able to keep my eyes on the prize, and bought two gorgeous big warm jackets from Zara. One is a casual jacket, forest green with a brown faux fur trim, the other a long, slightly dressier, black jacket, slightly 'puffer' with black faux fur trim, perfect for a Vegas, New York, or indeed Auckland winter's night!I got both together for $107USD inc tax, which is a steal when I couldn't find a single great looking jacket last winter for less than $150NZD!

There was also a visit to Paul Frank (Julius is a dear friend whom I've neglected over the past couple of years...) A dozen great outlet stores including Calvin Klein and Coach (yes Coach again!) - levis disappointed me, however, offering very little in a hipster range for women (not "misses" or "Juniors" but Women!!!), so for jeans I had to settle for Gap 'curvy flare' - I even found a Lee store, but it didn't sell ANY of the hipster / bumster flare range that we know in NZ- I was infact really disappointed with the range of averagely priced denimwear available, and now do I understand why US women will spend upwards of $200 on designer jeans - they're the only ones that look any good! I did, however, baulk at the Diesel store in the Forum shops at Caesars palace - I can buy a pair from any range of Diesel Jeans for less than $220NZD , at full retail price, anywhere in Auckland - but their cheapest pair only STARTED at $210USD!!! Who were they kidding? It's not like they were Dolce and Gabbana or anything!!

I found my way into Victoria's Secret also, which we desperately need in NZ. I thought everything was going to be hideously expensive, being such a big household name, but everything was so well priced, I bought two bras and two pairs of underwear for less than I would pay at a dept store in NZ, and these were gorgeous. Very sexy looking, and sexy comes in all sizes at Victoria's Secret, not just an 8 - 10. I love Victoria's Secret very VERY much.

I did heaps more shopping and am in love with heaps more stores here, but I can't go into much more detail as my battery's running low (and matt's taken both power adapters to his training).

We're currently in Trinidad, having spent a couple of days in Tobago (gorgeous place if you can find an empty beach), more photos to come, sorry I've been so crap in updating this blog, will try and get pics up tonight (will be mid afternoon in NZ by then).

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