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Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year, New Post, New Blogging habits... New York?

Hoorah! We made it through 2006, and out the other side into 2007!

Who knows what this year will bring... perhaps a wedding date? :D

In any event, it will bring some travel at least - Friday night I depart off for the wonderful world of the USA, following Matt who leaves on Thursday night. He's got business over there and I couldn't get the extra day off, but no matter.

So last year I didn't make any New Years Resolutions, but I fulfilled all the usual!! Typical isn't it. In 2006 I:

1) Quit Smoking
2) Joined a Gym
3) Bought a house
4) Officially started living with Matt and only Matt
5) Bought a new kitten
6) Traveled overseas to somewhere other than Australia.

All in all, a fantastic year! It'll be a hard year to top, but here are a few resolutions to kick off the year:

1) Continue not smoking (if I can make it to a year, then my life insurance and medical and income protection decrease!)
2) Continue going to the gym (so I haven't been since before Christmas... I"m sure I'll go back soon...)
3) Not default on a mortgage payment (it would take a pretty big economic depression, and some hefty spending on our part to default)
4) Not break up with Matt (he might decide he hates me...)
5) Not kill the new Kitten
6) Travel somewhere else (already booked and paid for - tick!)

Ok, so Travel Itinerary will see me heading to Vegas by way of San Fran, then to the Port of Spain in Trinidad, then over the water to some lovely resort in Tobago, then back to Trinidad for a couple of days, then to NYC by way of Miami, then across the country to LA for some Disney fun, followed by a night in LA. On the list of things to do...

I GOT TICKETS TO THE KNICKS vs MIAMI HEAT!!! They cost a small fortune (actually, maybe a medium fortune), and I'm pretty sure that the game has canceled out any hope of my shopping, but who cares?! It's the Heat baby!

Another must is the Phantom on Broadway, where tickets aren't actually as expensive as originally thought! Premium seats are $150USD each pre ordered (so cheaper if you turn up on the night), and when you consider that currency is all relative, and a seat at a bloody Sky City Auckland Theatre Company show is a good $70 each, the Phantom of the Opera is a good night out!

As we're staying on Broadway in Times Square, on The Thursday we're going to walk down to the Ed Sullivan Theatre and queue up for tickets to one of two of the Late Show filmings, which should be a blast if we can get seats. If not we'll just get a meat platter from the Hello Deli or something :)

Also, we must have McDonalds at some point to continue our international survey: Does McDonalds taste the same all over the world? So far Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand all say "yes". The test meal is a Quarter Pounder Combo. Results will be posted up here.

While we're away, I will endeavour to keep the blog updated with tales from the U.S, but let's be realistic - in my own home I can't even keep this blog up to date, so don't hold your breath :)

For now, I'll bid you a fond farewell (look at me writing like there's actually someone reading this...), and a Happy New Year! Hope Work doesn't suck too much for you!