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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Photos from the weekend!

This past weekend was fun! Let me give you a run down of what happened:

1) We got a new kitty! His name is currently Beau, but we've since decided he doesn't suit it, so are after suggestions for cool names. He's a blue burmese boy, and he's 10 weeks old at the moment (and quite big for such a youngun). He's all Paws and Legs, and hasn't yet figured out how to land on his feet after jumping. He's very cute, and our original kitty, Cinnamon, hates him lots. Lots and lots of hissing and growling going on in our house at the moment!

2) We went out! Our friend Tim turned 30, and had a party down at the Imperial on the waterfront. Nice place that - roomy and relaxed, with plenty of outdoor seating and gas heaters :) Anyway, from the left is Brent, Matt, Me, and Carl. Carl's been on his OE for the last age, so it was good to catch up with him, and we hadn't seen Brent and Tatiana (not pictured here) in ages - all in all, a good night for catching up.

3) On Sunday we did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Saturday night saw very little sleep at all for anyone in our house, thanks to a certain little kitty missing his family (poor guy), and telling everyone about it at the top of his wee little lungs. And to add to that cacophony, Cinnamon would reply to each little "mew" with a fully grown "grrrrrrrrrr", from her perfectly situated station: My head.

Oh, also, please ignore the pervy lookin dude in the photo - that's Matt in all his "Movember" glory. Roll on December 1!