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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Paintergate, Corngate, Doonegate, Speedgate, Pledgegate........ stadiumgate?

Read more at the NZ Herald. I'm not too thrilled with the idea of a new waterfront stadium to be honest. I know it's a great opportunity and blah blah blah, but here are my concerns.
  • They say it will only cost $50million to rates payers, but what about the maintenance? We already pay a levy to Eden Park. so building a new stadium will just double that particular ongoing rate, adding another increase to an already skyrocketing rates fee!
  • It is nearly 2007, and the world cup is in 2011. The indoor stadium that they just built on Quay park took the better part of the last 3 years to build, and I don't think they've even finished the interior yet. The Ports of Auckland aren't evenconfident in the timeframe, and considering the amount of time that's already been lost in effing around making decisions (over 1 year), I have no confidence in the stadium being ready by 2011.
  • Speaking of $500 million dollars - Since when has ANY piece of 'improvement' initiated by the government ever come in under budget? Mt Eden Prison anyone? Pledge Card? This government doesn't actually know the meaning of a budget.
  • Auckland City's CBD roading infrastructure simply cannot handle the influx of trafdfic that would come from weeknight and friday night events. Already the streets come to a grinding halt from 4.30 - 6.00. The trains and buses are still unreliable as ever, and there is a grand lack of parking available for 60 - 70, 000 extra people in the city.
  • Eden Park already has tried and proven public transport facilities available, and it's a landmark location across the rugby world.
Some might accuse me of some narrow mindedness with regards to the new stadium, but in my opinion the government should focus less on the stadium, and more on improving each cities' infrastructure requirements. I mean, let's not forget that Auckland's not the only city hosting world cup games!