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Monday, October 30, 2006


Nearly a whole month has gone by without a single blog post by me. I've been a busy wee bee at work lately, and only recently have had the spare time to start reading forums / blogs / the paper again. Seeing as it's been so long, I'll just do a quick update post to fill you all in on what's been happening lately!

Books read recently: Kate Kerrigan's 'recipes for a successful marriage' - and I wouldn't even call it recently, I finished that like, 3 weeks ago. I haven't read anything since then, and I couldn't possibly tell you what it was that I read before that.

360 Games played recently: Condemned: Criminal origins (complete - brilliant game, scared the shit out of me); Hexic Arcade (total addict); Amped 3; The Outfit.

Xbox games played recently: Fahrenheit - The only xbox game I've even looked at in the last 6 months since the 360 arrived - except the button mashing's all a bit beyond me.

Music enjoyed recently: I'm torn. I can't entirely tell if I like Panic! At the disco or not. "I write Sins not Tragedies" is kinda cool, mostly because I can make out the words, and can sing them at a rapid rate (you try saying "with a sense of poise and rationality" @ 32098432 wpm!). I really like Beyonce's new stuff, there's more of an edge to it than her D-child days, and even though their new album's been out for months, I'm still really digging The Streets new stuff.

Recent Purchases: I bought a new cellphone last month, that was fun. I can do all sorts of fun things with ring tones and video calling and things - the only problem is I don't know anyone ELSE with a video phone! :(

Travel: Nothing recently, but a quick jaunt off to the states coming up in December which should be cool. Matt's heading off to Sydney for work (and an Ikea visit)

TV/Film: Miami Vice Sucked. Colin Farrel wasn't even hot! I was highly disappointed. The Devil wears Prada kinda sucked too. The book was way better, and I liked Miranda as an Englishwoman more than an American for some reason. I could definitely watch it again, but I'd prefer to read it again instead. TV is really bad at the moment too, being Spring / Summer and all. Won't get any good tv until at least March.

House: Been gardening furiously, and demolishing stuff. That has to be the coolest part of owning a house - the demolition. You can take any and all anger out on the half broken fence out front, and not worry about losing your bond :)

And loads of work, which really sux. And that was a recap of my life (that which I care to mention at least) for the last three weeks. hooray!