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Friday, July 14, 2006

When Slang turns bad

This is brilliant.

This is absolutely frickin brilliant.

Aside from the gross over-misuse of the word "Literally" (ie: highly embarrassed person says "I Literally Died!"), I now have a NEW pet peeve - yet another regularly misused piece of the English language:

May Have > May've>May of

You know the one - "I may've (which is bad enough) done something" turns into "I may of done something".

Cos that makes sense.


Anyway, here I present to you, a highly reputable and largely well known retail clothing chain in N.Z, performing this linguistic faux pas in an email to thousands, perhaps millions, of women throughout the country:

Dear Caroline,

Some of you may of noticed that VIP points have not been zeroed yet due to a few problems we have been experiencing.

Make sure you go shopping in the nest few days to get your VIP 10% off voucher as we will be putting all Loyalty points from last season back to zero on 17 July.

See you there!!

M**, keeping New Zealand beautiful