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Monday, July 10, 2006

Keeping it SIMple

Wow, it's almost been an entire month since my last entry. Sorry! What's been going on with me then....

Well, I've been quite into playing the Sims 2 lately, with the University, Nightlife, and Open for Business expansion packs - and it really is quite fun. I made two sims, Mia and Tia- they're sisters - and they live with this dude called "Chester Gieke" (pronounced geek) who's finding his way through life. They have lots of cars and I think they've all become alcoholics. For some reason the first thing they do when they get up, is head for the bar to "make poured / blended drinks". Is there a Sims AA? :)

And even though they're sisters, they're vastly different from each other. One has short blonde hair, is highly creative and logical (works in politics), and is a hit with the men, and the other has long dark hair, not so much creative, has lots of friends but no romantic interests as yet, great at cooking, and also works in politics, but isn't too logical.

Anyway, they all have lots of cars - this was the important thing for me. Thanks to I was able to procure a large range of vehicles for my sims, including: Ferrari Enzo F60, a Pagani Zonda, a Koenigsigg, 2 Dodge Vipers, a Corvette Stingray, a customised chopper, 2 R34 GTR Skylines, a Porsche Cayenne, a Mercedes McLaren SLK, and finally, an H1 Hummer.

Anyway, so you might notice the really bright and colourful MicroMachines banner along my footer and sidebar now, and wonder "what on earth is she doing?" Well, my dearies, I am advertising. Yup. See, every now and then I get given (yes GIVEN - for FREE) games to review. At first there was Spartan Total Warrior (by Sega - on Xbox) then there was Rome: Total War (also by Sega, this time on PC, must try it on Gamespy one day), and coming up now is Codemaster's revamp of MicroMachines, on PSP. So if you're at all interested, stay tuned (next month maybe heh) for a review (and hopefully piccies, if I can figure out how to screenshot from a psp) of MicroMachines V4 on PSP.

Gives me something to do on the bus at least :)

Go check out the site in the meantime :-)