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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Poofy Hair? Must be winter.

Or, in fact, it could be ANY season in Auckland City, New Zealand.

They call this the city of sails. Perhaps it should be renamed to the city of Rain. For the last week this supposed "Cold Snap" (implying a short sudden burst of cold weather) has tormented our fair city and my poor garden (and thankfully, my lawn), but worst of all, my hair.

Back in Christmas of 2004 my Mother (my wonderful, wonderful Mother) bought me the ultimate in hair styling tools - the GHD Straightening irons. I had coveted these ever since I started going to a hairdresser that used them, for these were the ONLY irons that gave me sleek, gorgeous looking hair. And finally, I had some for myself (so could save myself the $20 of going down to the stylists on a Saturday afternoon).

The problem, however, is that in Auckland the weather is either a kajillion degrees and 90%+ humidity, or 10 degrees and 60% humidity, with 90% chance of rain. So I have approximately 5 guaranteed days of sleek, straight hair per year.


I'm well aware there are chemical products available out there in the world to make my hair straight permanently (until it grows), so as to minimise my straightening time, but with the length and volume of my hair, I don't have the spare Kajillion dollars to spend on it. And also, I have much better things to spend my money on.

Like, perhaps, an umbrella. Or portable Dehumidifier.

Anyway, we should welcome and embrace winter, with open arms. And hot chocolate.

And snowboards.

And hot ski / snowboarding guys that come over for various winter festivals.
And (for the guys) hot ski / snowboard bunnies that come over for various winter festivals.