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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New world of blogging!


Since this whole home owning thing started, a whole new world of conversation / net surfing / blogging has opened up to me. Today will be the first of this new world:


So first up on the Gardening tip is: Orchids. And with regards to this topic, I have a question: Why aren't my orchids blooming?!?!

Before the move, our orchids (4/5 bulbs in one pot of bark) would bloom twice a year. After the move they were placed down the side of the house, but on a side that gets good sun and rain. they were in a pot that was stacked in a few other pots, so it never sat in water, always drained, and the leaves remain green.

But they haven't bloomed since early summer, perhaps even before then.

Now, I'm pretty sure being in autumn, we're due for a blooming anytime soon, but they don't even look inclined to bloom. They just sit there, all green and stuff, not sprouting.

So... anyone know anything about orchids?

The internet is so conflicting in its advice, I've just given up trying to source the answer from there. Hopefully someone still reads this, and that someone knows how to look after orchids, or nurse them back from sickness.