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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lost ARG Alert!

35 minutes till the UK episode of Lost.... in which we are expecting the first of the international clues to begin...

The Lost Experience!!!

See this link for information: New York Times Lost ARG alert

In the current ARG world, we believe the dates are wrong, as UK's Lost episode is tonight (20 minutes to go now!), AU's episode is tomorrow, as is the US's, so we must be getting clues tonight. So far, revisiting* the Hanso Foundation site and trying to sign up for the newsletter gives us some very trailheadish goodness:
Who's Persephone?
Why did the images get drawn on after entering a screen name?
What's the password???

We're expecting answers in an ad break during the UK's episode of Lost tonight, which screens in *EEEK* ten minutes now. To join us in following the lost experience, feel free to come along to the ARG forums at Immersion Unlimited and Unfiction. Beware of spoilers as these are international communities!!

**** UPDATE****

An Ad for the hanso foundation just came on during the UK screening of Lost with the following phone number to call: 0800 66 66 40. Various ARGers in the UK are calling it now with the hopes of gaining the password to register for the newsletter on the Hanso Foundation site. It also mimicks the same Toll Free numbering convention for NZ, but having tried this number it doesn't yet exist.

UKers report that the number goes to a voicemail for Alvar Hanso himself, interrupted by (perhaps) our Persephone asking: "Who is Alvar Hanso" (thanks Sequoya).... curious...
Perhaps Telecom is in on the game, getting ready to activate the number tonight for our episode? Who knows? More as it happens!!