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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The voices inside my xbox...

So, as you may know, we got an Xbox 360 a few weeks ago, in keeping with our techno geek obsession, and Friday night saw the connection of 360 to DSL router...

Xbox Live baby (Yeah!)

At first I wasn't sure it would work. Very few things happen to work for me when I set them up. Sure I work in IT, thus could setup and maintain a corporate network like *that*, but ask me to edit Xbox ethernet settings (RTFM Caroline!!!) and I'm stuck.

Luckily the 360 was quite literally plug and play. I didn't have to change any DNS settings / ip addresses / gateways etc, it just picked up the network and connected instantly.

Love it!

So the first game I played online was Call of Duty 2, and it was wicked, except for the inordinate amount of campers. After playing for a bit, these random voices that sounded like Stephen Hawking came out of nowhere and freaked me out a bit. I'd forgotten about the voice communication ability of XBL, and it came as a bit of a shock to learn my opponents / team mates were all in the states. I had assumed that the Live Lobby would match me with whoever was closest, and I don't believe that out of all the live games of COD2 out there, the closest was being hosted in California. So, I played, and played and played and played, and died. And Died, died and died. I started off with a tolerable (yet less than ideal) ping of 190+. I finished the round with a disgustingly horrid ping over 400!!!

The observant few might notice the new addition to my sidebar, the 'gamer card'. Any Kiwi Live players out there, feel free to add me to your friends list, then feel free to invite me to a game. I'd love to play a good local live game where possible. I much prefer standard weapons to customised games with Sniper Rifles Only or Rocket Launchers Only. It takes too long to walk across a standard PD0 Map with a rocket launcher on your shoulder.

At any rate, everyone should buy an Xbox 360 and love it! Love it lots! Like Me!!

Ok and about me: My Back's better, I finished my root canal yesterday and everything's fine, the dentist was painless and so was the anaesthetic come-down, Matt's gone away for a week, will be back tomorrow night at 11.59pm (stupid frickin airline....) and Mum comes up next week to take me to the Bridal Expo, and Ice Age 2 (yay!).

Good Times, Good times.

Also, Everyone must know: it is 3 weeks and 6 days until my 24th Birthday. But please, *No Gifts* necessary.

No... really... I don't want anything.

Nothing at all.
Not a damn thing.

*WINK* :-D