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Thursday, April 06, 2006

For anyone that cares, I'm so sorry I've been slack with updating of late. Moving house / dental problems / new xbox have all taken up so much time that I've just had very little to spend on blogging!

The move was quite painful - literally. My lowerback is similar to that of an 80 year olds at the moment: When I cough, it hurts; when I sneeze, it hurts; when I try to do anything that involves a deep breath, it hurts. Stupid compressing vertebrae. Gah! The list of things I can do without pain includes "XBOX" :D

So I've played a few levels of Perfect Dark Zero: LOVED IT! Played a few levels of Call of Duty 2 - LOVED IT EVEN MORE! Can't wait till September when Splinter Cell 4 - Double Agent comes out! will LOVE IT!

So what with an impending root canal, tidying and sorting the new house, and exploring the world of xbox 360, I've unfortunately neglected you lot. You, being the imaginary you that I imagine read this blog.

So, well, Sorry! Be back soon :)