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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ricky Gervais Show Season 2

With all new.... well, nothing really :) Everything's the same, except...

1) You have to pay for it (but it's not that much really)
2) NO MONKEY NEWS (chimpanzee that!)

So much is the same, infact, that episode one starts with the same classic joke/argument from last season (the one about the world and time and would we start time again from the start (January 1 year 1) or would we go from where we left off...), Ricky continues to call out Karl's (surely manufactured) stupidity naivete, and Karl's Diary remains!!

Or, the official description:
"Karl worries about the stationery implications of relocating to another planet; relativity and re-runs of the 1980 World Cup Final; Doppelganger: The Karl Who Haunted Himself; a brainteaser for a man with no brain; extracts from Karl's diary; and the return of "Rockbusters".
To end, here's a quote from Mr. Karl Pilkington himself (pilfered from this New York Times Article):
"All the stuff I say, I don't really think it's that mad," he said. "I just hope the podcast helps people remember. You know, if the next Einstein or Newton comes along and nicks me idea about people aging backwards and turning into a baby — if that happens, I'll be livid."
So help Karl Pilkington earn some money - subscribe to Season 2 of the Ricky Gervais Show, today!