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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ferrit dot co dot en zed.

Sucks really badly. SO badly that I refuse to link to the site, lest it be counted as a positive hit. UGH

But their advertising's funny :)

I spent approximately 5 seconds on there and left promptly once I realised that everything for sale on there, is for sale on the net elsewhere. It's essentially just a collaboration of a bunch of online stores. So why am I going to buy a pair of shoes, sight unseen, for full retail, when
a) I don't know if they'll fit and
b) I won't get them for ages due to delivery in NZ being so crap.
I could just pop down to my local Westfield, and maybe even get the same shoes on sale!

Let's compare some non clothing type items (without linking to them, ofcourse)
Canon Digital SLR Camera Twin Lens Kit EOS350DKIT
The combination of Canon's EOS 350D camera and a twin lens pack will ensure great pictures made easy for the developing and semi professional photographer.

$1999 From Noel Leemings

Now, if I wanted to buy a camera from Noel Leemings, I might just go to Noel Leemings to buy it, and hope and pray I can negotiate them down from that ridiculous price. I could even go to Noel, and buy it there - but if Iwanted a Better Price...

  • 8.0 Megapixel
  • 18-55mm Zoom Comes with 18-55mm Lens
    The high resolution digital SLR camera designed for all photographers.
  • $1399 - From Parallel Imported


    AF 70 - 300mm f4-5.6 G Lens
    • Lightweight 4.3X telephoto zoom lens for SLRs that set aperture from Command DialIdeal lens for candids, travel and sports photographyD-Type design provides precise distance information for flash and ambient light exposure process.
      $219 - from Parallel Imported

    which totals $1618. $381 cheaper than on Ferrit, and all from the comfort of your own chair.

    So why bother with Ferrit at all? Especially when there's Trademe? I LOVE Trademe SO much, that I'm now going to include some of my favourite Trademe auctions in my blogging.

    Two such favourites are:

    1) Gorgeous Hermes Scarf
    2) plain black Pulp Heels that may or may not be too big for me

    So, don't bother wasting precious bandwidth on rubbish like Ferrit.