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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Offended? Change the Channel!

If you are a Catholic and are highly sensitive, please change to a new site now. If you find offense with the opinion I present on this site, feel free to leave a comment, but do so in a constructive and non-personal manner, like an intelligent person.

I can finally see what had the Catholic Church up in arms about last night's "Bloody Mary" episode. Nothing offensive, however the potential for substantial revenue loss due to that episode is high.

Blood spurting from Mary onto people's faces? Puh-lease.

The Pope saying the word "Vagina" over and over again? Get a grip people, your children say that word in school ALL THE TIME- they will have to write it in an exam at some point in their lives too.

No. The REAL issue that had the NZ Catholic Church representatives up in arms was represented by the AA / Only God can stop alcoholism plot of the episode. The REAL issue was that the show basically told people "Hey, you don't need God to make life changing choices, you can do that yourself".

And that scared the Caths.

And the funny thing? If they hadn't kicked up a fuss about it, no-one would have cared. We would have watched South Park, gone "oh man that was a lame episode, funny alcoholics tho", then forgotten about it until Tom's Scientology episode (coming up soon on C4).

AND as a final question - WHY didn't they care - why didn't ANYONE care - throughout seasons 2/3/4 etc, whenever JESUS was made to do anything untoward? Jesus in South Park is a regularly appearing character, and has been seen drunk at a bar, sloth-ing around the couch watching tv, basically breaking any and all commandments - yet no one blinked so much as an eye-lid.

Why doesn't the Jewish community get up in arms about the way they are portrayed in South Park? As we all know, Cartman constantly persecutes Kyle for being Jewish, and this is one of the show's main storylines. In any plot, any episode, the show can work that in for some extra offensive humour - but whilst the Jewish Community may be offended, my guess is they just CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

So remember people - if you want to let God into your heart, you don't have to go to church. Being a good Christian does not involve emptying your salary into the coffers every Sunday, and does not involve having to sing, especially if you weren't blessed with a voice.

Church is in the heart and soul of the Religious Believer, no matter what religion you believe in. God will love you no matter where you love him.

This applies to Muslims too. Got a problem with a cartoon? Don't Read it.

************************* FLIP SIDE *****************************

TV2/ TV3 - You've always done well in sticking to your guns, but you ruined yourselves when you apologised to the Muslim community for showing the cartoons on the air. You set a precedent there by saying "Hey, if you're a religious community, speak up and we'll admit we're wrong". THEN you flipped the script by saying "But if you're Catholic and offended by South Park - Piss Off".

Either stick to your guns the WHOLE time, or apologise EVERY time. You can't pick and choose religions to acquiesce to. I bet if Rome Bombed Trey Parker and Matt Stone's houses, you'd back down in a second.
You make it really hard for someone like me to argue the point of free speech to others, TV 3, so please, pick a stance and stick with it.

ok. well, now that's over and done with, I shall sit back to receive the hatemail. Not that anyone reads this place. heh.