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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Holiday Photo Fun!

Well, I'm back home and in the office now, and might I just say- it's just not cool coming back to work after a holiday.

Singapore was beautiful, Kuala Lumpur was beautiful, Flights were crappy. The wonderful thing about a holiday in another country, however, is that it makes you appreciate what you have back home.

One of the first things you notice about New Zealand, when you step off the plane, is the clean fresh, mostly-odourless air. Crisp mornings are a blessing, and cool breezes are wonderful!
The water that comes out of the tap here - even the chlorinated water in Auckland - is a wonder to behold, as it's not perfumed / fluoridededed.
Stinky peak hour traffic - not so cool.
Being able to wear long pants during the day - cool!
Walking outside and being reminded of winter - not so cool.
Matt and I spent a day at Sentosa Island, full of touristy goodness, spent 3 days in K.L, Malaysia (at the Hilton - woooohooooo), and visited the markets at Petaling Street in Chinatown (craaaziness there, people everywhere - very hard to say no to everyone hawking their wares) - All in All a very eye opening trip, but I loved every minute of it :)

Photos are here at Flickr, I've used up my monthly bandwidth allowance on Flickr, so more will be up next month :)