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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all who read this! Today is the first day back at work for many people in NZ (and around the earlier half of the intl date line) and let me tell you - it sucks. Matt and I spent Christmas in sunny (and humid) Sydney, and shopped our way around (most of) the major shopping centres in Australia's tourist capital. To the left, you can see me with a 4.5kg block of Toblerone at $80AuD. For comparison information, I am 5'7"ish. This is at Woolworths across from the Town Hall (our regular train stop). And sadly, no, we didn't buy it :-( Matt certainly wishes he had though.

To the right is me (earlier in the day) at Darling Harbour, outside the Monorail station, with a cool refreshing Calypso in my hand, and the beginning of what was to be a long week of shopping around my wrist (two purchases in that bag, one white tank top with pretty pink embroidered squiggles, and one pink crossover vnecked tshirt- $25Aud total) - and yes, I am surprisingly white considering the temperature that day was 38 degrees (celsius). We'd just crossed the bridge after having lunch on the waterfront, where this photo (left) was taken. I hate these birds, they always run at me when I see them at zoos or in parks. Here he's chasing after a prawn tail. Bloody scavengers.

Next, is my favourite place in the world (so far)- Four Floors of Shoes. I'll give you one guess as to what it has inside it? Four Floors of Shoes of course!! Prices Range from $35 to $250, and styles range from flip flops, to beautiful pleated satin t-bar pumps, stunningly accessorized strappy sandals, and gorgeous boots to rival even those of Jimmy Choo....... OK, maybe not. But you get the picture :) Above (right) is the Harbour Bridge (view from Circular Quay station), and to the left is my lovely Matt (hiding in the shade) presenting the Sydney Opera House (also from Circular Quay).
And to finish, we have me (again), also at the Opera House.
For some reason everyone was running up to it and touching it, like it was some shrine to Mecca or something. So there I am, touching the Opera House, like every other person that was there (and trust me, there were lots of people there).

So that's the pictorial tour around our trip to Sydney. There are other photos, but they all make me look awful, so they don't make the cut. We're heading over to Singapore in February, so I'll take lots and lots of photos over there, including (hopefully) Singapore Zoo, Shopping, a quick trip to Kuala Lumpur (cheap flights between Singapore and Malaysia), and whatever else we can see :) I hope everyone had as much fun and sun as we did over the holidays, and don't let the return to work get you down!