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Friday, November 04, 2005

What I Need

Credit to Jessie @ the backyard for this semi-meme. Give it a go yourself - the results are interesting.

Just type "[your name] needs" into Google and check out the results!

**I've just discovered something fascinating. The first two results for me are simply another Caroline who's done the same thing on her LiveJournal. I believe I will discount those results.

Now Caroline needs an MRI every year for the rest of her life. - ouch.
And change of a different sort is what Caroline needs most and is incapable of.
Caroline needs to be more sexy
Caroline needs your entrance fees and other money
Caroline needs to take full advantage of the Sky Digital platform with its own channel number
Caroline needs to learn how to hold her alcohol! - sad, but probably true
Caroline needs the money but is reluctant to take from a child
Caroline needs a reference group that is familiar with the context in Central Asia.
Caroline needs to calculate an hourly heat input rate for her natural gas - wtf??!?!
Caroline needs a car to get to the supermarket
Caroline needs to be able to trust her heart.