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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Spam - isn't it great?

In the interests of spam free inboxes, and personal curiosity, I have decided to try one of these 'send these to 5 people and get it free!' offers.

How will I do this, you may ask. Well, the great thing about gmail is that everyone at the moment has a kajillion of invites available to give away. I'm going to give them to myself, and I'm going to join this pyramid scheme 25 times (that's 5 lots pyramid 'invitees'), and go through this horrid exercise, in an effort to uncover the truth - Will I really get a free Apple iPod Nano if I refer this to 5 friends, and they also refer it to 5 friends?

At the end of the day, I hope to receive 3 Apple iPod Nanos. If I do, I will give one away right here on this very blog! Then I'll sell one on Trademe, aswell as my iPod mini, and I"ll keep the other nano for myself. The proceeds from any sales made will go directly into my wedding dress fund!

So - if you'd like to join in on the 'do these pyramid spamming schemes work' experiment, please, feel free to click here, and join in the fun! By clicking there, you'll become one of my referrals, and I'll get another nano after you've completed the second level of referrals... and on and on and on and on it will go....