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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Online aliases

Ok, following on from my previous post hooking Alan from Half-Pie up with an extra link to his name, I decided to do some self googling of my own.

miss_caro is the online name I've used for many years (alternatively with Sephrenia, or Miss_Seph and now CaroNZ), so I decided to google miss_caro to see what I could see...

Well so far I've found 3 different miss_caro's that AREN"T me...
1) Hot French 17 year old miss_caro. Pretty tough to beat this chick, being so hot and all (damn and blast to you!!!)

2) Mildy Hot, Dutch, 20 something year old, miss_caro.

3) miss_caro from Miami, Florida. I dont' know if she's hot though, but she's 17 aswell, and her real name is Carolina. "RadioCure" thinks she is "...the shit homie!"

I have now decided to give up the nick "Miss_Caro", even though I have more google results relating to me than they all have combined. The last straw came at the discovery of the 4th "miss_caro" AKA Caroline Tanner, the 9th result down from the top in the google search. WorldSpankingForums is not particularly an area I'd like my name seen, so I shall revert to the old faithful "Miss_Seph", or the new and polished "CaroNZ" (which incidentally seems to be a favorite alias for men- go figure).

Many of my ARG buddies have asked if next year after our Wedding, will I become "Mrs_Caro" or "Mrs_Seph"? I've decided yes, I will, and thus I will become unique and fresh and new again :)