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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Long Weekend Activities

For most New Zealanders, this weekend was a long weekend - and in Auckland the unthinkable happened: SUN! Finally feeling the warmth of spring, we decided to make the most of the holiday, and actually "do stuff" this weekend.

On Saturday, Matt, me, and the flatties went to the Mustang show at the Greenlane Expo Centre. Showcasing all the ponies from the early 70's, right through to today's latest models, this show was modest in size and publicity, but what it lacked in flash and show, it totally made up in quality and content.
I'm used to the big flashy trade/automotive shows, that cater to the 'high disposable income' market, the 'bling' market, those that have to have the 'best' phones and the 'best' computers and the 'best' cars. This show was anticlimactic after years of big-budget expos, but in being so, highlighted the most important features - the cars.
There were no promo girls to distract the eye, no big booming bass to rattle the brain and amp up the senses, and no annoying MC yelling through a PA system. Just cars - and gorgeous well kept cars they were too. Alot were just stock standard restored 'stangs, but there were a few that had been modified subtly to give them an edge over the others. Just beautiful!

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos at the show, but if I had, I'd be able to show you the burnouts most of them performed upon their exit, to prove once and for all that idiocy is not limited to boyracers in Jap Imports, but also extends to 50 year olds in 40 year old fully restored 'Classic' Mustangs!

Tune in tomorrow to read about our trip to Armageddon and Victoria Park Markets on Sunday afternoon, and see photos of the new Xbox 360!