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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Hens Party!

* Pleast note, this entry is rated R18, but is work safe. Some Language may offend some readers. (I say the P word...)
**Please note, all faces are blurred in these photos to protect the identities of my friends...

Most of my dear readers will know I'm a young 20 something. Well today I feel like I'm 23 going on 50. My weekend was an interesting alcohol fuelled one- the kind that reminds me why I don't go on huge benders anymore, and why it's good to NOT mix drinks...

To the left, you can see my dining table as it was at approximately 6pm on Saturday night. Everything looks nice and orderly, and glasses are still on the table, and all is fine.
Fast forward to approximately 10pm. The stripper had been and gone, bottles and bottles (and bottles and bottles) of wine had been emptied (aswell as bottles of midori and baileys, and feijoa vodka...), chocolate penises were eaten, and mud was trampled through the carpet. This evening got very messy, very quickly. By approximately 11.30 we were all feeling a bit wavy, so we called a cab and headed for the waterfront to dance off the alcohol. And dance we did. We must have danced quite a bit, because I'm feeling aches and pains in places I didn't even know could hurt! Not to mention my potentially broken toe (long story...). After a couple of hours of boogie-ing, the waterfront got messy, and people started getting kicked out, so we decided to get out before we were asked to leave. It was about here that I remembered why I usually wear dressy sneakers dancing, instead of pointy toed leather stiletto heels, and the shoes came off, and Caroline (that's me) walked barefoot along the dodgy Auckland streets, from Starmart to Showgirls, for our farewell and meetup with partners (who were, obviously, on the stag party) to take us home.

I'm sure you'd prefer more details, but the honest truth is that I just can't remember that many. Sunday was all a sleepy blur too, as I got out of bed at 6pm (formerly 5pm, but the dreaded effects of daylight savings ensured that I wasted the ENTIRE day in bed), after having thrown up approximately a litre of bloating water that morning.

My night on Friday was pretty cool too, I tried Sake for the first time ever, and it wasn't too bad. All in all I had one of those weekends that most people have EVERY weekend. Y'know, people under the age of 20. Those that have energy to get dressed up and go out TWICE in one weekend. I just don't get it. Now, I'm going to go have a bath and try and soak out these aches and pains like the old woman I am...