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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Halo Movie slated for Wellington Production!!

Hoorah! The Halo movie's being shot and produced ENTIRELY in Wellington, under the expert executive production of Peter Jackson and his wife, Fran Walsh!

This news is cause for celebration amongst Xbox Geeks like myself, and my fiance, as we have loved Halo (and Halo2) ever since we bought our Xbox nearly 3 years ago... Perhaps 4 years ago. Holy heck, has it been that long?

The marketing hype for Halo2, caused by the ARG Classic, ILoveBees, highlighted the existence of storyline within the games. I, for one, never EVER realised there was a storyline, other than Master Chief needed to get the hell off Halo, and Cortana was the only "person" (read: Sentient AI) smart enough to figure out how to do it. Apparently there is, and there are even books written about the Halo world! Who knew? Not I, and most definitely not many people before ILoveBees made us research anything and everything to do with the Halo world.

Read more about this breaking news story here and here.

To take another tangent on this blog entry, who do you think would play the following roles well
(I'm voting for Karl Urban for Master Chief - yes, typecasting the sci-fi leaderish hero person...)

Master Chief
(thevoiceof) Cortana

(thevoiceof)343 Guilty Spark (the blue shiny thing that pisses me off in the game, and has the annoying whiny voice)