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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The big Google Race!

If you click here you will be directed to a site called "Google Fight". This site depicts a stick man vs stick man fight based on the amount of google results each 'contestant' has.

This particular Google Fight disturbs me, however, so I have made it my duty to help rectify the situation...

XBOX 360, xbox 360, xbox360, xbox 360

I cannot wait until the Xbox 360 arrives on our shores available for purchase. Much better than the poos and wees found in the form of the Pl4yst4t10n 3 (I refuse to spell out its full name).

Also these results almost made me cry... Soo...

DON BRASH - National Party New Zealand Leader - Should have been Primeminister - Was robbed by silly people that voted act in Epsom (does not include myself), and stupid left wing pinkos. Don Brash is cool, H3l3n Cl4rk is manly - thus endeth my 4year old kid paragraph.