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Monday, October 10, 2005

ARGishness - Orbital Colony Mail!

Hokey dokey rokey tokey - on Friday last week I came home to find some mail addressed to my house, with no specific addressee, from OrbiconCorp - Road to the Stars, Male, Maldives (hehe, yeah.. sure) - IMMEDIATELY I knew that was for me. Initially I figured it was my brochure that everyone got sent back in August, but hoorah that was not the case!

I opened up the manilla envelope to find quite the stash - an Ad for an Orbicon Credit Card, a CD, a Letter to Mr so andso (can you see the name? I can't, and I left all my goodies at home this morning), and an ad for something or r
ather in the maldives. Ooh boy oh boy I was excited - my first real piece of physical ARGishness all the way down here in New Zealand? w00t! Anyway, here are the pictures of stuff that I took with my phone, cos the camera wasn't available at the time, and as such they are really crap photos, but you get the general idea.

Tonight I'll come back and start decoding the numbers on ad, to see if it's the exact same ad that everyone got in NY at ARGfest, and I'll go through the CD, and spend some time on IRC with the other Orbicon peoples to see what we can see. Until then, here's another little picture, this time, of the return address they used.
*** Part Two ***

See my post here on Unfiction, complete with transcription and pictures, and for your viewing pleasure, here
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