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Thursday, September 29, 2005

NZGirl Clothing Range

Last night I traipsed down to Route66 on Broadway for the launch of the NZgirl clothing range. I arrived right on time, and watched many women (and men) pour in through the big double steel doors, all itching to see what the fuss was about. Being one of only a few to arrive by myself, I grabbed myself a Sauvignon Blanc and made my way around the racks.

The first print my eye landed on was one of Jean Batten, a long standing flight pioneer in New Zealand, famous for many flight achievements, the most notable of which include being the first woman to make a return flight from Australia to England and back, and setting various speed records for flights to, and from England to Brazil, Auckland and Australia.
This print caught my eye, not only because of the large "JEAN" across the front in a script, but because Jean was pictured with her flight goggles on her head, leaning back in a relaxing pose in a swimsuit.

After a brief mingle, and walk around the store, Jeneane (NZgirl owner) played a DVD showing many NZgirls talking about what it means for them to be an NZgirl. Accompanied by background music from Lady 6 (Karoline Tamati), Annie Crummer, and Bic Runga, we heard inspirational words of wisdom from such gems as Sharon Hunter (co-owner of the former PC Direct, and entrepreneurial whizz), Kerre Woodham (journalist, media commentator, tv personality), Claire Chitham (stage and TV actress), and Anika Moa (singer/songwriter), about the strength of New Zealand women, their fire and passion, and the importance of following your dreams.

Based on inspirational New Zealand women, this clothing range is comfortable and hard wearing, sporting funky prints of those who epitomise being an NZgirl, including, but not limited to: Jean Batten, Katherine Mansfield, and Kate Sheppard. My only criticism is each item's price, with women's t's starting at $60 and women's hoodies at $140. Other than that, I think the range is fantastic, and I love the concept of immortalising NZ Pioneeresses through fashion.