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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My news....

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Well, I guess the photo explains it all :) That, my friends, is a ring, and it is on my left hand, on my ring finger (although a blurry shot, sorry everyone!)
Yes, it means exactly what you think it means :)
Yes, I'm pretty frickin thrilled :)
First off, Matt has asked me to explain the ring, it's not an engagement ring. Well it is, it symbolises our engagement, but we are going to design the real ring together. He didn't feel like he could propose without a ring though, so he got me this one. It's rosegold to match the bracelet he got me for our anniversary, because when he gave me the bracelet I had to ditch my silver / sapphire ring that Mum gave me a few years ago. This ring is almost exactly like that ring, but rosegold instead of silver, and three diamonds intead of sapphires :)

And now the stuff you're all asking - how'd he do it? Well, my Matt, he's a romantic fella, so he did it the proper way.

Unbeknownst to me, during his trip to Australia last week he phoned my father (he has my parents numbers on his cellphone because they always ring me on it when I don't answer mine), and asked his permission to marry me. Dad was so thrilled about that, because he's quite the traditionalist, and so am I, so that added all the more romanticism to it for me. Aaaaanyway, upon his return to Auckland he announces we're going out to dinner to catch up cos he'd been away all week. So we went out to Orbit in the SkyTower and had a gorgeous dinner. Then after dinner we decided to go down to the observation deck to have a look. So we're down on the observation deck, peering out over the Auckland skyline, and he tells me he's really looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together, to which I reply I am too, and we have a nice romantic moment with each other. Then he tells me he has a present for me, and gets down on one knee.

I immediately burst into tears, and am about to scream YES when I think - hold on, make sure he pulls out a ring first, and not a dog's name tag like on Charlies Angels before you make a fool of yourself....

And he did pull out a ring, and I did scream yes, in between my sobbing (cry baby), and we held each other and I cried ALL over his nice new Tarocash shirt and my mascara went EVERYWHERE and tada - I have a fiancee, I am engaged to be married to my Matt.

On a funny sidenote, would you believe I made 24 missed calls to my Mother before she would pick up the phone? As a result, she wasn't the first to know, but apparently Dad told her Matt had asked already, so it's ok :)
Oh and to further impress you all, Matt had sneaky sneaky booked a night at the Sebel for us, and when I was getting ready for dinner, he sneaky sneaky packed a bag for us, and sneaky sneaky hid it in the boot of the car.

A great thing about being engaged, is that it's opened up an entirely new genre of web sites for me to surf!!! And a new genre of books for me to read!!! Yesterday I ordered a wedding planning journal with checklists and clear pockets and business card holders and hints and tips etc, and it comes with a book on planning a wedding and on Sunday my friend Taryn bought me my first bridal magazine and I've started my collection already :) Now I know why women get so excited over this!!

I've already started trawling the net for Vera Wang bridal gowns, but to be honest, I don't need a designer gown. I just want a gown that fits my vision of perfection, and that vision doesn't necessarily include a designer tag hanging on the inside. Nor does it include the designer pricetag hehe.

Anyway, that's my news - yaaaaaaay :)

Tomorrow I"ll fill you in on the crappy morning I had today - it's a doozy.