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Friday, September 02, 2005

Long week

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Wow, ok, I started off this huge long post about why I haven't updated, but it's just so boring. It involves tales of my 5 day headache (which is still in full force, and it's not dehydration, it's not sleep, it's not that time of the month, I think I have a tumor or a back problem or I need glasses, in which case I'll have a pair of Dolce frames thanks).

There are three main things I want to address in this post. Petrol Prices, The horror in New Orleans and the rest of Louisianna, and a funny billboard.

I"ll start with Petrol Prices. Disgusting. For the first time in New Zealand history, Diesel has topped the $1 mark, and 98 Octane is at a whopping $1.62/l - It's cheaper now to run a high performance car on Aviation Fuel at $1.35/l. I'm waiting to see which out of National and Labour announce a reduction of petrol tax- then I'll be interested to see the polls :) I already know who I'm voting for and why, but I imagine that if National announces a reduction or a total annihilation of petrol tax, the Labour Supporters will jump ship immediately.

Next: American Floods. I am so sorry for all those caught in the torrential flooding in New Orleans, and the minute there are donationy things setup here to help, I'll be doing what I can to help. This year sure is the year of tragedy though, and for all those in the world experiencing pain and suffering, around Tsunami affected areas at the end of last year, those in London only a couple of short months ago, all those in the mid north island of New Zealand whose homes were swept away by floods earlier this year, AND last year, and finally those in the Southern United States now. The world seems to be in a state of turmoil, moreso than in other years, and it makes one wonder if the earth is just giving back some of the crap that it's put up with us for the last 20 centuries. Anyway, all my best wishes go out to those in trouble at the moment, and all my thanks go to my little lucky stars up there, that down here in lil ole NZ, we're all happy and hunky dory.
AND to the funny billboard..... "NADIA CELEBRATES HER DIVORCE BY STRIPPING FOR HER FRIENDS" - as seen on my morning walk to work. Great advertising by "Toto", a great Italian Restaurant on Nelson Street!

Anyway, I'm back and will update more next week. Ciao!

(Oh and a special HI!! to Ben from Ignition Magazine who tells me he recently discovered my blog amongst his internet surfing)