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Monday, September 19, 2005

61/61 seat government? Majority doesn't rule here!

Well, I'm surprised none of my fellow non-political bloggers have mentioned the farce that went on on Saturday night. I'm not talking about the sad attempt at terrorism as someone crashed their cessna (sp?) into Kohimarama Beach, instead, I am talking about the New Zealand General election.

The outcome thus far leaves us in pretty much the same position we were all in prior to the election: Half the country wants a Center-left Government (Labour) and the other half wants a Center - Right (National).

With over 200 000 Overseas and Special votes (not including advanced votes) to count, and a 20 000 vote difference between a Labour win and a National win, the election could still go either way.

That's 10% of the entire vote.

Ms Fitzsimons (sp?) and her Greenies better watch out too - They only JUST make it into the government with a 5.09% party vote... If no one in the 200 000 specials vote for her conservative, environment friendly party, then they lose their party vote altogether, and Labour loses a coalition partner.
Now, what if the votes are split evenly between the two majority parties? From what I can tell (and please, feel free to comment if you don't agree), we are stuck in this predicament that means Helen Clark is still our primeminister, but depending on coalitions, and - you guessed it - Mr Winston Peters, we could end up with a Labour Minority government, and a re-election.

A Re Friggin Election. That would piss me off. All I want are tax cuts, and I don't want to have 3 kids to get this extra money. Not to mention that even if I have 3 kids I'm still not eligible for any money, because I have a job and a partner, even though there are plenty of women out there that have kids, undeclared partners, various undeclared jobs, AND $1200/week in benefits. I can only hope these specials all go to National specifically.

And a big old BOO to those of you that never 'got around' to voting. Because of you we'll probably be stuck with Hippy Helen, we'll have to ditch our cars and walk everywhere because they all emit the wrong gasses, unless you're rich enough to own a hybrid, the government will stockpile the tax surplus for themselves, instead of giving some of it back, the cost of petrol will reach $3 / l by the end of 2k6, and we'll all have to move to Australia.

And it will be:


Now a final statement that perhaps some of you can help me answer - During election night, there was a dude in a cessner threatening to fly into the Sky Tower, but only managed as far as Kohi Beach. This is what heartbreak does to a man:
From the NZHerald Online :
"Pilot David Turnock allegedly threatened to fly a stolen plane into the Sky Tower because his wife had left him and he wanted her back."

Ladies: If you want humankind to live long and prosper, don't leave your man broken-hearted. Leave him broken-legged. That way, if he's so hurt as to jump in a plane and fly into a building, he can't, and we all get to live.