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Monday, August 15, 2005


That's the word of the day. Ugh. Originally meant as a day to work from home, I have spent the day feeling sorry for myself, and for Matt, as we mope around the house in separate states of ugh-ness.
For him, it's the flu. Headachey, tired, run down, sore bones, sore throat, the lot. My poor baby feels like death warmed up, not that I'm any help to him. I'm lying on our Indian wool rug, cuddled up to the heater and the cat with my headcold. My nose seems to spend all its days as a broken tap, leaking out whatever strange and unusual liquid substances it can, my sinuses (sinii??) are trying to explode from their usual positions, thus creating such indescribable pain around my eyes/nose/forehead area.

So here we are, two miserable creatures with only each other for comfort. And the gas heater.